Ways to Transform Your Bedroom on a Budget

When it comes to interior decorating, the bedroom often comes last. Most of the time, budget is the deciding point in delaying or forgoing bedroom decorations. However, in my experience, decorating a bedroom shouldn’t be a budget buster. By using inexpensive materials and doing most of the work on my own, I’ve transformed my guest bedroom into a showpiece just like the rest of my home.

Creating Two-Tone Wall Color

Playing with the existing mocha color on the wall, I decided to create a two-tone effect. I kept the mocha on the upper three-fourths of the wall and then used Tiffany blue on the lower one-fourth. Creating a two-tone effect by utilizing the existing color saved me a bundle, not to mention time. Here are the steps on how I created the two-tone effect:

  • Measure the wall from the floor to one-fourth way up, approximately 3 feet high. Mark the height with a line using a pencil. Use a square ruler and level to make sure the lines are straight.
  • Place blue painter’s tape just above the line. Make sure that the lower part of the tape is touching the line.
  • Using a paint roller, paint over the lower portion of the wall. Apply two coats to ensure a smooth finish. Make sure to wait until the first coat dries prior to applying the second coat of paint.
  • Remove the blue painter’s tape after the paint dries. 

If you don’t like to paint, try wallpaper instead to achieve a similar effect.

Add Chair Rails

Chair rail molding

Since I saved some money on the paint, I knew I could still make the room more visually appealing by adding chair rail molding. Chair rail molding is an inexpensive way to give your room an expensive look. First, I painted the chair rails in glossy white. Then, I used liquid nails to attach them to the wall just above the Tiffany blue color.

Curtains and Bedding

I purchased an inexpensive fabric that has a chocolate brown floral pattern with hints of Tiffany blue. I sewed a pair at the top, side, and bottom hems. Then, I hung them 5 inches above the window using a silver-finished curtain pole that I purchased for less than $15 at a discount linen store. I made sure that I hung the curtains close to the ceiling and that the bottom part touched the floor to add height. I also created a couple of tie-backs to gather each panel when I want to let the sunlight in.

I used the remaining fabrics to create decorative pillows that would go on the bed. Since I do not have a headboard, utilizing decorative pillows by leaning them against the wall would do the trick. I used bedding that I purchased at a thrift shop before our move. The ensemble only cost me $50.

Flea Market Accessories

My family and I often go to flea markets on weekends or during road trips. I find inexpensive items to decorate our home. I purchased the two side tables at $25 each. They had dings and scratches on them, but staining with dark walnut color fixed those problems. I placed them on the opposite side of the bed. I found the glass table lamps from a local discount store and paid $30 each, including the lamp shade and light bulbs.

Finishing Touches

I kept the wall bare except for the art piece above the bed that made up for the missing headboard. I painted a blank artist’s canvas with vertical lines of blue and white. Then, I wrote the quote and painted the squiggles and the heart with dots in chocolate brown paint using an artist’s brush. Finally, I used a brown grosgrain ribbon on top to act as the hanger.

I am quite happy with the outcome of the room. Like the rest of our home, it looks inviting and comfortable.

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