Superpaint Interior Acrylic With Air Purifying Technology Review

SuperPaint® with Air Purifying is a line of interior architectural coatings by Sherwin-Williams Company. With a formula that has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this paint will eliminate unwanted household odors. SuperPaint® with Air Purifying technology, can make beautiful coatings and helps improve indoor air quality at a time.

The new air-purifying paint works to improve indoor air quality by getting rid of bad smells and lowering VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can come from carpets, cabinets, and fabrics, among other things. This a decorative or protective paint or coating that is formulated for interior or exterior architectural substrates including, but not limited to: drywall, stucco, wood, metal, concrete, and masonry.

Sherwin-Williams has been making trusted paint products for more than 150 years. SuperPaint Air Purifying Technology Interior Latex is just one more way they give to support green technology.

Product Features

SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology is a Living Well™ family of interior architectural coatings manufactured by Sherwin-Williams. This product is available in a wide range of colors. SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology is the other interior acrylic paint from their collection.

  • Contributes to cleaner indoor air quality.
  • SuperPaint® Air Purifying Technology Helps reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from potential sources like carpet, cabinets and fabrics.
  • Odor eliminating technology helps reduce common household odors like cooking, smoking and pets.
  • Anti-microbial agents help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors that create balance, including 540 inspired hues from the Living Well™ collection.
  • Available in flat, satin and semi-gloss finishes.

How long this paint reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, how often it is exposed, and how much surface area has been painted.


List of SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology Formulas Assessed by LCA Model and Report.

Product NumberSheenBase Type
A86W00061FlatTintable White
A86W00063FlatDeep Base
A87W00061SatinTintable White
A87W00063SatinDeep Base
A88W00061Semi-GlossTintable White
A88W00063Semi-GlossDeep Base
  • Flat: A non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface imperfections.
  • Satin: With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of a richer look.
  • Semi-Gloss: This lustrous, durable finish is perfect for areas that get cleaned frequently.

The typical composition of an interior SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology coating is shown by % weight below.

  • Water (35%-70%)
  • Resin (10%-30%)
  • Extender Pigments (5%-30%)
  • Titanium Dioxide (3%-25%)
  • Additives (0.5%-5%)

Superpaint Air Purifying Review & Rating

Architectural coatings are made in the same way that paint and other coatings are. Raw materials are put into a high-speed disperser in the right amounts by hand and then mixed. The product is then moved using compressed air or gravity, put into containers, and moved to the distribution center and then to the point of sale. A customer goes to the store to buy the product and then takes the coating to where it will be used. When the coating is put on, it sticks to the substrate and stays there until the substrate is thrown away. Any coating that wasn’t used will also be thrown away. Because the functional unit requires a 60-year product life, it needed to be repainted more than once.

The Superpaint Air Purifying by Sherwin Williams, which is already the most popular paint line, now has these extra zero VOC and non-toxic features. Now you can get the ease of use and workability of an interior acrylic paint that is well-known and trusted but with even more benefits! We love products that keep our customers safe and healthy while still giving them the dependability, quality, and design choices they’ve come to expect from us.

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