Shopping Guide for Turkey Carving Tools

A Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without the traditional carving of the turkey. To some families, carving the turkey is more than just a tradition; it’s the highlight of the party, which is why having the proper carving tools is necessary. Fortunately, plenty of carving tools are available for you to choose from, whether you’re an expert or a novice at carving turkeys.

Electric Knife

An electric knife can ease the burden of slicing the turkey and cuts the carving time in half. Your wrists will thank you for it. One of the top-ranking electric knives available in the market, the Cuisinart Electric Knife, makes carving turkey seem effortless with its powerful motor, stainless steel blades, and one-touch power trigger. Its ergonomic design helps put pressure off your wrists, making it ideal for people with arthritis.

The Cuisinart Electric Knife comes with its own stand, which makes it easy to store and keep handy. With a stand, there’ll be no more fumbling with cords. The serrated blade is also ideal for slicing pieces of bread, especially thick buns or French bread. At a price of $54, the Cuisinart Electric Knife is a good investment that will keep you carving turkeys with ease for many years.

Turkey Carving Set

For the traditionalist who prefers the labor that comes with carving a turkey manually, the turkey carving set is a handy pair to own. Choose the heavy sand-cast iron for durability and longevity. Unlike the electric knife, a turkey carving set can be heirloom pieces that you can pass on to generations to come.

Among the most popular choices is the Arthur Court Designs Turkey Carving Sets that come with elegant handles, some in a pewter finish. Prices range from $38 to $54 for the set.

Carving Board

The right carving board is as equally important as the right carving knives and forks. Without a sturdy and durable carving board, carving a turkey can be difficult. Choose thick boards made of wood that are wide enough to hold the size of a full turkey. Ideally, a carving board with a diameter of 13 to 15 inches would fit most large turkeys. Shapes vary from round, square, rectangular, and oval.

Choose carving boards with handles for ease of transporting the turkey from the prep table to the dinner table. Prices range from under $40 for a mid-grade carving board to as high as over $100 for a good and solid wood carving board.

Turkey Serving Platter

Although technically, the serving platter is not a tool, it’s also necessary to have when carving turkeys. Whenever you cut the slices, placing them on an attractive serving platter will make the turkey more visually appealing. Arrange the slices of turkey neatly on the tray and then add condiments and garnish.

A turkey serving platter is available in ceramic or heavy metal finishes. Choose the material and design that complements your style. Price averages at $50 for a good quality turkey platter but can go as high as over $300 for heirloom pieces.

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