San Air Purifier: What You Need to Know

San Air Purifier might be the first ever 100% natural plant actives that kill the airborne virus. San air can evaporates in the return air or your AC system, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. Because only a little has been discussed about this product, we will review what San Air Purifier is this time.

San Air Purifier is a natural scientific technology (biostat), a unique blend of carefully chosen organic essential oils from Australia. With a biostat, the process of neutralizing germs is safer because it doesn’t cause the germs to release mycotoxins. Biostats stop a germ from getting enough oxygen, so it can’t grow or reproduce and dies within 15 minutes. When the active ingredient in San Air comes in contact with airborne germs, it stops bacteria and viruses from making more copies and prevents mold from breathing.

San Air Purifier Products

There are 2 excellent products from San-Air that can be used as air purifiers in your home.

The Bio Gel product

San Air Reactive Gel

The Bio Gel line of air purifier products is meant to be used to improve indoor air quality. Most of the time, these products work best when used in any existing air conditioning system. San-Air Reactive Gel is easy to install, no matter your HVAC system is; a split system, a central system, or a ducted system.

You can put it in the return air compartment or right in front of the coils or filters when used with an air conditioner. This ensures that the whole air conditioning system is decontaminating and cleaning the air.

To fix and clean an area that doesn’t have air conditioning, just put the San-Air Reactive Gel Air Purifier in the room near where you think the problem is coming from. The product will evaporate into the room and follow the natural air currents in the room. It will come into contact with microbial contamination and kill the germs in the air quietly and effectively. This air purifier doesn’t need a lot of airflow to move around the room.

San-Air Surface Cleaners

The Surface Mold Remover is made to efficiently remove mold from non-porous and porous surfaces. After cleaning, apply a fine spray for long-lasting surface protection. It is a Household/Commercial grade (TGA-approved) Disinfectant used in any cleaning application. It is also perfect for air conditioning coil and filter cleaning. Not corrosive and not dangerous to use, it will leave your air-handling machine looking fresh and rejuvenated, and clean from dust and germs.

About SAN-AIR™

SAN-AIR™ is an Australian brand that uses only 100% natural, sustainable, high-quality ingredients to produce our products. The company has created a family of incredibly effective products that kill 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and viruses in air spaces and on surfaces. They use the latest natural science technology to create products with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, and all are Australian-made.

Final Words

Getting rid of mold and bacteria in your home is a hard job, so you may want to hire a professional to do it for you. This is an excellent idea in many situations since cleanup work can be complex and challenging. When the right person has the right tools, they can speed up work by a lot. The equipment cost can also be high, and you may never use these tools again.

San Air Purifier is made from natural ingredients placed in a biodegradable gel. Based on the independent testing done over several years, SAN-AIR has been proven to work on all known molds. All products are environmentally friendly and present no known hazards toward people or pets. The best part is San Air Purifier is easy to install, as simple as opening the packet and placing it in the desired location.

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