Pre-Winter Pest Prevention

As the winter months get closer, this usually means having a whole host of little non-paying tenants moving into your homes. Whether it’s mice, box elder bugs, crickets, or any other type of critter, these unwanted guests can pose much more than a nuisance. In the case of mice, they can carry deadly diseases, and other pests may be just as dangerous. So, how can you stop this mass influx of pests in the fall? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Seal all small entry holes under sinks, by baseboards, and outside.

No matter how well it was built, your house is bound to have a few holes along the way. These holes are put to good use by pests, and before long, you may be overrun. To prevent this, attach some hardware mesh over the holes. This mesh usually keeps out larger bugs and mice and is very economical to install.

Consider purchasing insulation in a spray can for warped boards under sinks and smaller gaps. This can be sprayed directly onto the hole and effectively seal it to keep pests out. You may need to keep checking it, especially if mice decide to give it a nibble.

Place traps around your home.

Mouse traps, bug traps, and other small critter traps can effectively keep the pest population in your home under control. These traps are usually economical, and there are many options now available. For example, you can now find easy-close mouse traps that prevent you from having actually touched the dead mouse, and they are much more effective than the old wooden ones with fake cheese. However, you may need to bait these traps to get the most functionality out of them. Peanut butter works very well for mice since they can’t grab it and run.

If the thought of killing the critters doesn’t work for you, you can also purchase live traps or more human traps that kill with a quick electric shock. Although you may not like that you are killing a small creature, the fact is they can cause thousands in damage to your home, and they are indeed health hazards.

Stop the damage before it is done.

If you see one mouse or bug, chances are there are plenty more that you haven’t spotted yet. Be on the lookout for droppings and dead bugs around your home. Try to find their entry point and seal it up. This is an easy way to take care of business before it gets out of hand.

With careful attention and prevention, you can keep your home pest free all year. If you live in the country, you may need to up your efforts or consider installing ultrasound devices that will plug into the wall and prevent pests from moving in with sound waves since these can be very effective.

There are many reasons why pests come into homes in the winter, but one easy way to keep them out is to keep the inside and outside of your home clear of clutter. Winter cleaning shouldn’t wait until the weather changes and spring cleaning time comes around. Instead, cleaning every part of your home might be enough to keep bed bugs, spiders, rats, mice, roaches, and other pests out, or at least cut down on how many of them come in.

You can keep your home pest-free all winter by doing these easy things. Things don’t always go as planned, of course. If you have a problem with pests or rodents, don’t be afraid to call a Pest Control company in your area.

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