Finding an Effective and Natural Cat Urine Odor Remover

You know how some people are cat people, and others are dog people? I’m going to just come out and say it, I’m a dog person. My wife, on the other hand, is very much in the cat camp. It’s not that I dislike cats; it’s rather that I like dogs more. One particular thing I really DON’T like about cats is the fact that house cats use their litter boxes inside the home. Sometimes they also like to use other areas of the house for their potty spot too. Carpet, rugs, sofas, and various other spots around homes are popular zones for cats to the soil. Of course, along with the fact that cat urine is usually very strong and can stain carpet permanently, it also happens to smell terrible.

As pet owners, all of us know that removing cat urine odor can be a very difficult, stressful, and time-consuming job. When the urine is on the floor, tiles, or on any washable surface, there is no issue. But when the cat urine is in the carpet, rugs, or other delicate and expensive textiles, that’s a big problem. If not properly washed or cleaned, the bad odor could stay for several months. Another hassle is that pets tend to return to the same place they have urinated before.

Before buying a cat urine odor remover, there are a few helpful tips for naturally removing the odor. Upon noticing the cat’s urine, try to immediately remove it by blotting it with paper towels, tissue, or old rags. Pour a mixture of water and vinegar on the spot and let it dry to neutralize the bad smell.

Vinegar is a proven household chemical for removing many kinds of odors, including cat urine odor. When the surface has dried, you can sprinkle baking soda on the spot to further remove the odor.

Hydrogen peroxide is also effective in removing cat urine odor. Simply mix the chemical with water, liquid soap, and baking soda, spray the mixture, and then rinse with warm water. Make sure to test a small area of your carpet first, though, with the peroxide mixture. You definitely don’t want to bleach out the carpet’s natural color by using a harsh solution on non-color fast materials. Once done with blotting and cleaning, delicate carpets or rugs can be air-dried. For not-so-delicate fabrics, try washing them first with ordinary detergents and then using a gas dryer set on low heat.

For a stress-free removal of odor, there are many cat urine odor removers that are now available in the market. Here are some good things to know before buying one.

Basically, cat urine odor removers are categorized into chemical, enzymatic and bacterial.

  • Enzymatic-based odor removers use enzymes to break down the proteins causing the odor.
  • Bacterial-based odor removers use bacteria to eat the urine residue, thus removing the stain.
  • Chemical-based odor removers break down or destroy the molecules which cause the odor.

One disadvantage of chemical removers is that they sometimes cause discoloration of the fabric or furniture, thus, are not recommended for delicate or expensive fabrics.

The best place to find cat urine odor removers is in the household chemicals section of a grocery. Most pet shops also offer such products. It is also best to buy these products online because you can compare their effectiveness and prices.

How much do these cat urine odor remover products cost? It depends on the brand, although enzymatic and bacterial-based odor removers can be more expensive than chemical ones.

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