Carbon Air Purifier Fact Sheets

Air purifiers that use carbon are particularly effective at removing unsavory odors, chemicals, smoke, and gases from the air. Carbon air purifiers are generally hybrids, using carbon to adsorb gaseous substances and other methods to remove particles and microorganisms. Together, these materials can eliminate virtually contaminants, making ambient air refreshing to breathe. The following fact sheet provides information about carbon air purifiers.

#1 Coconut husks are made into carbon filtering material.

coconut husk

Activated carbon is created from very hard, carbon-based things. Coconut husks are the most effective, but hardwood, nutshells, and charcoal can all be used. The husks are heated up at temperatures over 900°F using steam and removed from oxygen. What is left is the granular activated carbon which is perfect for cleaning the air.

#2 Just 1 pound of carbon has 125 acres of surface area.

The end product of activated carbon is extremely porous, making it basically like a petrified sponge. This means that a relatively small amount of carbon has a tremendous surface area. The surface area creates divots for contaminant molecules to grab onto. All the little openings in the carbon create a complex system analogous to which act like tunnels, creating channels for air to go through.
#3 Carbon has been used as a purifier for thousands of years.

Carbon’s purifying properties were discovered as far back as 2,000 years ago to make water clean enough to drink. We still see this property put to use in Britta and PUR water pitcher filters. Carbon was then sold commercially in the early 20th century in powder form to be used again for water and also to remove discoloration from sugar. As you can see, the simple properties of carbon date way back. With improved scientific knowledge of why carbon works this way, current models of carbon air purifiers are optimized to remove harmful air pollutants with extreme efficiency.

#4 The carbon used today in carbon air purifiers was developed as a military technology.

The same type of carbon used in carbon air purifiers is used in gas masks for soldiers. This technology was developed during WWII to protect those in combat from hazardous substances in the air. The activated carbon is so effective at removing toxins that it delivers immediately breathable air.
#5 Carbon air purifiers are the most efficient way to remove odors from your kitchen or bathroom.

Sprays and candles simply mask the scent of bad odors but don’t actually remove them. Although most odors in these won’t be detrimental to your health, they can cause irritation for those with allergies and asthma. Having sanitary air creates a cleaner, more comfortable environment. A quality carbon air purifier makes mucky air into a blank slate for added scents.

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